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Hello I'm Melina and I love flowers!

Hello my name is Melina and I looooove flowers.

My floral designs are inspired by the incredible nature in this beautiful part of the world.

Seasonality and provenance are a very important factor for me as I strive to use flowers and foliage naturally available at their peak of perfection.

I source the best seasonal flowers from carefully selected growers and suppliers, (many local) allowing me to weave together my natural and rustic style.

I treat flowers with all the reverence they deserve, as they are such a beautiful product of Mother Nature I believe we must be respectful of the environment that they come from.

Therefore my arrangements are designed in water, which avoids the use of floral foam and floral tape thus ensuring the environmental impact of your event is minimised!

I am looking forward to creating something really beautiful just for you! I provide flowers for weddings and events throughout the Douglas shire, Daintree, Cairns  and beyond and I love community work and   really enjoy collaborations, styled shoots and editorial work.

Eco florist meaning

Did you ever wonder where your flowers come from? Sometimes you just see some pretty flowers and you Don’t stop twice to think about the all process that relate to flowers. Lots of today economy is based on import export, and so is with flowers. A huge carbon foot print is used for moving this flowers out of these countries. Lots of the roses and general flowers like baby ‘breath are grown in Sud America or Africa. The flowers may look stunning what the all process that is related to that is a whole lot of world that lots of the flower industry doesn’t even want to talk about. Lots of the people employed to do the picking are just underage and underpaid. The flower lady has chosen not to support such industry when it comes to that. As for your wedding day, the availability of flowers that are local and Australian grown is amazingly vaste. I know you wanted Peonies on your wedding day but you are getting married in August. That are a lot of choices that could be similar and even better. I can help you with your flower choices. If is a wedding you are looking for please fill out our wedding enquire form. I’m looking forward to help you plan your event.

Plastic free meaning

The Flower lady has chosen, almost since the beginning, to refuse disposable plastics. In our society today disposable plastics are such a huge part of our economy. Lots of the plastics that still float around our oceans are being doing so since the beginning of times. Lots of them breaks down into tiny pieces called microplastics, this toxic material makes way into our oceans and into our fish, which we then eat. So to help with the huge plastic problem our society find facing today, the Flower lady has refuse to contribute to this problem. The flower lady flowers come package in a fully compostable package. The flower lady also refuse the use of the very famous floral foam (which some of it is called biofoam, but is simply degrade in smallest bits of microplastics). Floral foam is highly toxic if breath in, so as a mum lets be honest, I don’t want the stuff around my kids or either want to sell it. After years of extended research The Flower Lady came up with some very clever way of replacing it. Fancy a design you saw and its made with foam? Worry not, if we haven’t done yet, we will be happy to replicate it without use of foam or floral tape. Please fill up our wedding enquire form! We would be very excited on helping you plan your dream wedding in a safe, and sustainable way.